How to use LinkedIn to Revamp your Resume

LinkedIn is a tool and a platform for professionals to build their skills and promote their brand. It’s an opportunity to go into detail and provide documentation and examples of your work that’s simply impractical on a traditional resume. Think of LinkedIn as a 3D resume.

Now the question becomes how do you revamp your resume and keep your LinkedIn sharp? This can be a cumbersome process but it doesn’t have to be. Here are practical ways to use LinkedIn to revamp your resume.

Follow industry leaders and professionals you respect

Find several seasoned professionals that you admire and follow them. You don’t have to know them personally or send them a LinkedIn request, just study their profile. Look at how they present themselves on LinkedIn. Use their profile as a source of inspiration.

Obviously, you cannot copy their content word for word. What you can do is use their profile as a roadmap. Compare and contrast the experiences of these professionals you admire and create anexperience wish list. I go into greater detail about what an experience wish list is here but basically, it’s a list of experiences you need to pursue in order to progress in your career.

Use professionals you admire as a roadmap for your career. Keep tabs on their progress and take cues when appropriate.

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Look at recent and/or prominent alums

The LinkedIn alumni network is a powerful tool that every student and professional should take full advantage of. Use this network to find recent and prominent alumni who are working in industries you would like to pursue. Take a look at their experiences and profiles. Use their LinkedIn profiles to add to your experience wish list to shape your career. Model your resume and LinkedIn profile after these professionals as well. These recent alums are probably closest to you and your experiences.

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Ask for LinkedIn recommendations

The goal of a LinkedIn recommendation is for the reader to get a sense of your work ethic, productivity or any other professional qualities you want to be highlighted.

Ask recommendations from professionals that you respect and that are familiar with your work. They need to be able to speak to your strengths. Having a recommendation is a source of external validation that gives your brand credibility. Asking for a recommendation is relatively simple. A phone call or LinkedIn message will suffice.

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Upload appropriate samples of your work

If you have visual medium or deliverables that would be a testament to your work, then upload it. Examples would be video clips, images, portfolios or anything that reflects your handiwork. Visuals make your LinkedIn profile interactive. This is what makes your LinkedIn a 3D resume.

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Follow industries leaders

Following industry leaders will shape your feed and keep you ahead of the game when it comes to recent events and important developments. This will turn your LinkedIn newsfeed into a source of continuing education. That way whenever you log in, you always have a relevant article that relates directly to your industry.

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Study the LinkedIn Workforce Report

LinkedIn creates a Workforce Report that reports employment trends in major cities. It does a good job of analyzing the most desirable skills companies are looking for by city. There’s also a visual representation of hiring rates and migration for specific cities based on LinkedIn data. I recommend studying the report of your city or the city in which you would like to relocate.

For example, for Houston in February 2018 the most abundant skills were Accounting and Drilling and Well Management. The scarcest skills were Marketing Event Management, Graphical Design and Non-Profit, Fundraising and Grant Making. If I were making career moves, I would probably invest in learning the skills that were scarcer to make myself more competitive. This workforce report can be an invaluable resource regarding your career development plans. Here’s a link to the Houston February 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Report.

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Keeping your LinkedIn profile relevant will make keeping your traditional resume that much easier to keep fresh. With that being said, I acknowledge the challenges of keeping your resume at 100%. Check out my article on 7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Resume Relevant and Up-to-Date for some pointer.

If you are mindful of your online presence and take about 15 minutes out of your day to diligently update your profile or read up on your industry, your LinkedIn will always stay in pristine shape. If you would like some feedback on your LinkedIn profile, feel free to comment below or private message me! 

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