LinkedIn Diving

A LinkedIn Dive is a proactive method of using LinkedIn to identify qualified leads to build strategic relationships. This is the meat and bones of creating a LinkedIn network that will add to your net worth. During our time together, I can show you exactly how to do a LinkedIn Dive, but I understand that time is of the essence.

Let’s work together to make the most of your time! I can work on your behalf to identify qualified leads for you. That way you can spend your time building that relationship.

Here’s how this works!

#1 You provide me metrics of strategic relationships

For example:
Location | Job Title | Industry/Companies | Background | Education | Salary | Sex | Other qualities

#2 I provide you 40-50 LinkedIn Profiles in 3 days (or less)

#3 You make an introduction!

It is that easy!

*I will need access to your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s start your LinkedIn Dive today!

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